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Jen Stevens is an award winning songwriter and passionate live performer based in the North East of England. 

Often compared to the likes of Kate Bush, Tori Amos and Regina Spektor, Jen is no stranger to laying her soul bare and wearing her heart on her sleeve. Self described as ‘Piano based Folk Pop’ she finds inspiration from what we would perceive as the darker side of life. Yet, she has the amazing songwriting ability to turn her sorrow into treasured gold, remaining extremely relatable within the endeavour, too.

Her debut solo album was released to critical acclaim in 2017 following four successful releases with her band, the Hiccups. But, having recently taken a new musical direction, Jen recently reached number 1 in the iTunes songwriter chart with her March single release - We Do It Right.


Jen’s music is a raw documentation of her own personal journey, strung together within a patchwork of her life experiences, her admission of honest mistakes and misdemeanours. Her tales of love and loss are deeply intertwined with those of healing and of hope.

When asked about her inspirations for her music, Jen Stevens said “I’ve been playing piano and singing for as long as I can remember, and I started writing songs as a means to tell stories and communicate my feelings – I don’t like to sing about things I can’t relate to, so it makes sense to sing about people, experiences and things that mean something to me. If I can reach out to just one person, and touch one heart at a gig or through a recording, then I’ve accomplished something. Songwriting, for me, is massively cathartic and a definite form of therapy.”

Modest in her achievements, Jen Stevens is a prevalent and prolific performer around the North East of England, and has regularly frequented live music venues all over the country. The calibre of acts Jen has worked alongside speaks volumes about the quality of her music, her high level of professionalism, and really reflects how strong her work ethic is. Having supported the likes of Mark Knopfler, Maximo Park, The Futureheads, Paul Weller and Jools Holland, its no surprise that she found herself as the supporting act for such huge industry heavy hitters such as Pixie Lott, Scouting for Girls, Squeeze, Neville Staple, Toploader and Brand New Heavies.

April 16th will see Jen Stevens release her 3 track EP - Lost Dialects, a collection of modern folk songs endorsed by the National Centre for the Written Word. But, keen to stay consistent and keep moving forward with her solo releases late May will see the return of Jens own heartfelt musical creations with her single - 'She Sleeps,' closely followed by 'Neptune's Daughter' in early July. Hoping to stay consistent throughout the remainder of the year, Jen hopes to release a multitude of standalone singles that will be available on all major platforms.

“Emotion evoking, A beautiful window to the soul.”

“Melodic and heartfelt, her true and honest storytelling is mesmerising” 

"Incredibly powerful and moving songs, with heart-wrenching lyrics, and an inimitably beautiful voice.”



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"It’s absolutely amazing how much power local singer/songwriter Jen Stevens can generate with just voice and piano. And when I say power, I don’t mean just belting stuff out at the top of her lungs (her vocals are as clear as a mountain stream). She creates swelling ballads through sheer force of melody, as well as lyrical concerns that sift through the vagaries of love, loss and redemption. This is her debut solo album (she’s previously done sterling work with her band Jen Stevens & The Hiccups) and fans of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Beccy Owen will find plenty to love here."

The Crack Magazine

“Extremely heartfelt and moving with efficacious lyrics, and each song was creative, poetic and somewhat beautiful. Simply intoxicating. Jen Stevens’ voice was powerful and soulful and pitch perfect right from the off.” 

NE Volume

"Jen Stevens is well known on the local music scene, where she has played extensively with her band as Jen and the Hiccups. This, her debut album, is her first solo venture and was originally intended to be only an EP. Clearly the universe had bigger ideas. Produced by Jordan Embleton, was celebrated with a launch gig at esteemed local venue, The Customs House, on the edge of the River Tyne. In fact it was recorded there, in the CustomSpace and Jen's vocals and piano pieces were recorded live in the theatre itself. As such, what has been captured is a sense of her voice in the moment, as it happened.

She is an advocate for mental health and the album explores this theme; both her own mental health and that of those around her. Even the artwork of the album reflects this, including the photographs which were taken on South Shields beach. It was written following the loss of her mother two years ago and in part documents the various stages of grief, alongside the idea of looking after each other and those close to us.

The title track, Little One, was inspired by Jen's dad, who uses it as a nickname for her; in fact, he called her it over the phone during a crucial moment at the beach, which sowed the seeds for the song. Certainly a standout track, along with such songs as He Already Knows, Running, The Siren and Leap. Jen's piano playing is both sublime and very atmospheric, perfectly accompanying her eclectic vocals

Collectively, the songs, both lyrically and musically, convey a real sense of time, place and emotions; listening to it i was struck by a sense of pride to call the place which inspired it, home. I'd like to think that those listening to it may feel compelled to visit for themselves. Who knows, they may even catch Jen playing live when they do, if they take the leap."

Fatea Records


The Evening Chronicle

“Powerful and creative.”

Chris Difford (Squeeze)